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Loan Collection Solution

Why automate Loan Collection call?

  • Huge Spike in Loan Collection Calls
  • Inefficencies in Increasing Customer Coverage

Key features:


  • Smooth Integration with Back-End Systems

Ensure system compatibility through easy integration with backend systems like Credit Management System, Loan Management System, Core Banking System, and other Lead Management systems.

  • Automated Lead Sync Status

With two-way lead synchronization, the customer status such as PTP, BP, and bucket movements is automated and updated in all the integrated backend systems simultaneously.

Operation automation:

  • No Manual Data Import-Export

Integration with backend systems ensures auto-import of customer data for agents to work upon and auto update collection details in the respective systems.

  • Stop Manual Data Sanity Checks

Let agents focus on faster collections by getting the correct customer contact details and not manually cleansing the data while reaching out.

  • Auto Customer Bucketization

Optimize Collections profitability and Improve Agent effectiveness by auto-segmenting customers using delinquency level, debt age, Customer behavior.

  • Prioritize Important Customers

Get your best agents to communicate with VIP customers to deliver a personalized experience and enhance customer lifetime value.

  • Two-Way Data Synchronization

Ensure up-to-date customer status sync between the integrated Ameyo Collect and the core centralized credit management systems.

Quality Monitoring:

  • Live Agent Monitoring

Listen to agents’ calls for ensuring adherence to collections guidelines and keep a track on overall call quality.

  • Recorded Voice Logs for Training

Score agent conversations with the help of recorded voice logs and plan agent training based on the voice log scores. Recorded voice calls also help in easy onboarding of new agents.

  • Real-Time Campaign Management

Move agents within the customer buckets or transfer agents to a different collection campaign with ease depending upon the process requirements in real time.

Reports and Dashboard

  • Bucket Wise Connects Report

Get the summarized hourly call attempts and call connects data for each bucket during the specific time interval.

  • Promise To Pay Heat Chart

Get the summarized hourly data of the week for all the connected PTP calls for a specific time interval during each weekday.

  • Coverage Summary Report

Snapshot of the customer coverage representing lead penetration by depicting the ratio of uploaded leads versus the dialed leads.

Example of a custom flow for automated call:

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